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Afrika Bee – Mwingi Honey

  • Logo Design | Packaging


    The clients for this project were both interesting and intriguing, fresh minds taking up unconventional activities such as bee keeping for honey, combine that with our active imaginations and the result had to be something quite extraordinary. The logo design and designing their labels for their honey brand yielded some very visually appealing results.


    The logo consisted of a bee in flight with it’s body shaped in the map of Africa. This combined with a rustique font spelling out the name gave us a logo with great recall value.

    Capturing attention in a crowded supermarket shelf with fierce competition was what we had to counter as we brainstormed a vision for the label. It is probably one of the more superior of the natural honey brands out there but it’s difficult to get people to read of or try it to know that, that was our task, creating a label that’s eye catching and draws the customer to pick up a jar, read a bit about it and buy it. I believe we achieved that and more with this design and hope it catches your eye at a supermarket near you soon!

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