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Brand Identity in this day and age is not only a benefit for businesses willing to survive in this day and age, it is essential to stay afloat in the competitive markets. We would like to boost the advantages you get through this and promote the visibility of your Services and Products to remain in the minds of your target customers for a longer time.We have a 7 step process that we apply to achieve the desirable results:

7 Step Brand Development Process

  • Brand AuditTo get somewhere you have to leave somewhere. A brand audit is an assessment of your current brand, we have discussions with the customers on what they want their brands to demonstrate, what they’d like to take forward and any fresh ideas that they may have. We then use our market knowledge and our understanding of the most up to date trends in the industry to develop something that will meet the needs of the clients while engaging the target audience as best we can.
  • Logo DesignThe first point of contact for any company with the customer is through their logo. The logo is the backbone of the brand that touches on all areas of the business right from the business card you hand out to the invoice you charge to the customer, through the websites, the premises, all the promotional material all hold a special place where the logo sits in. We work with you to get that right and not only look good but convey a message to the staff and the customers what the business does and what it aims to achieve.
  • Brand StrategyIn this stage we sit with the client and review the product type, the market, the competition, the target audience and the roll out plan so we can come up with a Geo-specific marketing plan that is spread across various mediums and avenues of marketing that are sure to capture the attention of the target audience with efficient use of the marketing budget. Here we explore the relevance of Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing vs the Classic Print advertising and in most cases aim to strike a balance between the two to make your marketing shilling go further.
  • Corporate StationaryAll business materials that interact with the customer should have a certain consistency and recall value about them, we aim to make sure that the brand is rightly conveyed through this medium, Here we work with the designing of Business cards, Letter-heads, Complimentary slips, Sticky notes and Invoices/Receipts.
  • Packaging DesignThe best way to stand out in a retail market is the look and feel of the product, be it in the supermarket shelf, in a kiosk or in someone’s house the packaging of a product will always talk loudly to a customer on the quality of the product. We work with you to come up with the best packaging for your products in line with the most current trends.
  • Promotional Print MarketingConventional print marketing is a wonder that was here a long time ago and is here to stay still it’ll never be the same, it’s so dynamic and the trends change faster than the months of the year and to remain relevant in this it is essential to keep up to date with the trends and remain fresh. Luckily for you we will help you through this interesting journey by helping you with the designs for posters, pamphlets, loyalty cards and advertisements on various magazines and newspapers.
  • Online MarketingPay per click (PPC) advertising, Paid Google Ads, Online Banner Ads, Facebook Ads are all becoming an invaluable tool for brands looking for all round presence. We work with our clients in assessing their needs and requirements and work on a plan that meets what they intend to. We analyse statistics of various budgets and maximize the reach whilst keeping the budgets in control.

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